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HOG FIGHTS – done for the year 

Our next club meeting will be at the library on November 14.  The primary agenda is planning for 2017.  Please try to attend.

Final club tournament – Sunday, October 2 – launch from Larry Gale Access on Lake of the Ozarks.  Hours 7 – 3.

Launch Order:  

# Boater   

1  Brian Vanderziel
2  Randy Lutjen
3 Tom McGovern
4 Josh Louiselle
5 Carl Shipman
6 Wade Orrick
7  Dennis Korklewski


Points standing has been updated to include the August 14th tournament.  Please check on the Points Standings for up to date status.



















Our team headquarters was the Lighthouse Lodge.  Located just on the other side of the hill from the take-off area, it offered a great view of the lake, a boat ramp,  and seemed to have open slips for guests who desired to use them.  We had two “bunkhouses,”  each with a full kitchen, a deck, and each facility had a few private rooms.   We had no more than two guys in each room – and each room had it’s own bathroom.  With cable TV and a flat screen TV we even got to watch the Royals win the first two games.  The prices were quite reasonable.  The only challenge was trying to fit our rigs into the available parking space which was a bit cramped, what with every room in the compound being occupied.   Even so, everyone worked together and it worked out quite well. 

Our club struggled a bit at the weigh in.  For a number of reasons we simply didn’t have enough lbs to challenge the leaders.  Randy got the short end of the stick when his partner buried several hooks deep into the bone.  Unable to remove them using standard procedures Randy had to run him back to the weigh in so the guy could be taken to the hospital for treatment.   The rest of the bummer is that MO BASS wouldn’t allow Randy to fish the remaining 4 hours because of “rules” and he could only weigh in the three fish already in the live well.   I think there’s some room for process improvement in there somewhere. 

I didn’t hook up with everyone after the weigh in, but it seems like everyone caught fish – a lot of shorts and a few keepers.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to separate from my partner to take photos. The weigh in was well planned but suffered a technological failure and it became a bit of a zoo.  It’s a also a likely target for process improvement at next year’s championship.

Even with a few issues it was a lot of fun.  What could ever be better than fishing  with the boys all day, every day and hanging out at the bowling alley at night….?